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Kindle Paperwhite User's Guide, 3rd Edition


Chapter 5


Chapter 5

Customising your Kindle settings

To go to the Settings page, tap the Menu button

and select Settings. Your Kindle must be

registered to view all settings. The available settings are:

Aeroplane Mode: Allows you to enable or disable wireless connectivity.

Wi-Fi Networks: Use this option to connect to a Wi-Fi network, display a list of available
networks and view the name of the Wi-Fi network you are currently connected to, if any.

Registration and Household: Enables you to manage your household and displays the
Amazon account name to which your Kindle is registered. Use this option to register and
deregister your Kindle.

Household and Family Library: Add individuals to your household to share
content. For more information, see

Managing your Amazon household

. This

feature is not available in all countries.

Register/Deregister Device: Use this option to register and deregister your

Device Options: Lets you set a passcode, enable Parental Controls, personalise your Kindle
and select languages and dictionaries.

Device Passcode: Enables you to restrict access to your Kindle by setting a
passcode. You'll subsequently be prompted to enter the passcode whenever you
turn on the device or wake it from sleep. If you can't remember your passcode, you
will have to contact Kindle Customer Service.

Parental Controls: Choose between Kindle FreeTime and Restrictions. Use
Kindle FreeTime to create personalised profiles for your child, select books from
your library to share, and set daily reading goals while automatically blocking
access to places you may not want your child to go, such as the Kindle Store,
Goodreads on Kindle or the Experimental Web Browser. Use Restrictions to
manually block the Experimental Web Browser, Kindle Store, Cloud and/or
Goodreads on Kindle. When you set up Kindle FreeTime or turn on a restriction
for the first time, you will be prompted to create a password. Note that this
password will be required to make changes to settings within Parental Controls. To
change the password, select Change Password from the Parental Controls screen. If
you forget your password, reset it by visiting


deregistering your device, or by contacting Kindle Customer Service. When
Restrictions are enabled or a Kindle FreeTime profile is active, you will see a lock


at the top of the screen next to the Wi-Fi status indicator, and the

Deregistration and Reset Device options will be disabled.