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Kindle Paperwhite User's Guide, 3rd Edition


Chapter 3

Reading Kindle Documents

You can always remove a shelved book later by tapping the Shelf icon

and selecting

Remove from Shelf.

You can also add a book to your Goodreads shelves from the Home screen of your Kindle.
Press and hold on the book's cover (or name if using list view) and select Add to Goodreads
Shelf. From the Select Goodreads Shelf pane, you can then shelve the book as Read,
Currently Reading or Want to Read.

Goodreads on Kindle has three tabs located in the top corner:

Updates: View recent updates from friends and readers you follow, including book reviews
and what they're currently reading. You can like and comment on any review. You can also
rate and shelve books in your Updates feed. Tap on a book cover to read more reviews. Tap
on a reader's name to view their Goodreads profile and more books on their shelves.

My Shelves: View all books on your shelves. You can filter by shelf type (Read, Currently
Reading and Want to Read), move books to different shelves and add Amazon books to
your shelves.

Friends: View all readers in your Goodreads network. You can filter by friends, readers you
follow and readers following you. You can also select Find Readers to Follow to expand your
network. Tap on a reader's name to view their Goodreads profile and books on their shelves.

There is also a profile icon that you can tap to view your Goodreads profile, including your
shelved books, friends and recent updates.

Goodreads on Kindle tips:

Tap Want to Read when you find a book that interests you. You can also tap the Shelf icon

to mark a book as Read, Currently Reading or Want to Read.

Tap stars to rate a book from one to five stars.

Tap on a book cover to read reviews, make a 1-Click purchase for select popular titles, and
view details in the Kindle Store.

Search for your friends, approve friend requests and view personalised book
recommendations on



You must have a Wi-Fi connection to use most Goodreads on Kindle features. Note that
Goodreads is not available in all countries.

Time to Read

Your Kindle Paperwhite includes Time to Read, a feature that helps you know how long it
will take to finish a chapter or book. You can customise this feature to display location
numbers, time left in chapter, time left in book, percentage of content read, or actual page
numbers. (Not all Kindle books include page numbers.)

As Kindle books can be read on devices with different screen sizes, locations identify
specific places in a book, just like a page number would for a print book. Location numbers
allow you to direct a friend to the exact same place in a Kindle book you are reading. Many