Cisco 32369 User Manual

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Manual Bindings Configuration Example

Cisco IOS DHCP Server 13

In Cisco IOS Release 12.0(1)T or later, you can search and filter the output for show and more
commands. This functionality is useful when you need to sort through large amounts of output, or if
you want to exclude output that you do not need to see.

To use this functionality, enter a show or more command followed by the “pipe” character (|), one
of the keywords begin, include, or exclude, and an expression that you want to search or filter on:

command | {begin | include | exclude} regular-expression

Following is an example of the show atm vc command in which you want the command output to
begin with the first line where the expression “PeakRate” appears:

show atm vc | begin PeakRate

For more information on the search and filter functionality, refer to the Cisco IOS Configuration
Fundamentals Configuration Guide