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Command Reference


Release 12.0(1)T

ip dhcp database

You can configure a Cisco IOS Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Server to save
automatic bindings on a remote host called a database agent. To configure a DHCP server database
agent and database agent parameters, use the ip dhcp database global configuration command. Use
the no form of this command to remove the database agent.

ip dhcp database url [timeout seconds | write-delay seconds]

no ip dhcp database url

Syntax Description


DHCP waits 300 seconds for both a write delay and a timeout.

Command Modes

Global configuration

Usage Guidelines

This command first appeared in Cisco IOS Release 12.0(1)T.

The administrator may configure multiple database agents. Bindings are transferred by using the File
Transfer Protocol (FTP), Trivial File Transport Protocol (TFTP), or remote copy protocol (RCP).


The following example specifies the DHCP database transfer timeout value at 80 seconds:

ip dhcp database ftp://user:[email protected]/router-dhcp timeout 80

The following example specifies the DHCP database update delay value at 100 seconds:

ip dhcp database tftp:// write-delay 100


Specifies the remote file used to store the automatic bindings.
Following are the acceptable URL file formats:

• tftp://host/filename

• ftp://user:password@host/filename

• rcp://user@host/filename

timeout seconds

(Optional) Specifies how long, in seconds, the DHCP server should
wait before aborting a database transfer. Transfers that exceed the
timeout period are aborted. By default, DHCP waits 300 seconds
before aborting a database transfer. Infinity is defined as 0 seconds.

write-delay seconds

(Optional) Specifies how soon the DHCP server should send database
updates. By default, DHCP waits 300 seconds (5 minutes) before
sending database changes. The minimum delay is 60 seconds.