Clear ip dhcp binding, Syntax description, Command modes – Cisco 32369 User Manual

Page 15: Usage guidelines, Examples, Related commands

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clear ip dhcp binding

Cisco IOS DHCP Server 15

clear ip dhcp binding

To delete an automatic address binding from the Cisco IOS Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
(DHCP) Server database, use the clear ip dhcp binding privileged EXEC command.

clear ip dhcp binding address | *

Syntax Description

Command Modes

Privileged EXEC

Usage Guidelines

Typically, the address denotes the client’s IP address. If the asterisk (*) character is used as the
address parameter, DHCP clears all automatic bindings.

Use the no ip dhcp pool global configuration command to delete a manual binding.


The following example deletes the address binding from a DHCP server database:

clear ip dhcp binding

Related Commands

show ip dhcp binding


The address of the binding you want to clear.


Clears all automatic bindings.