Supported standards, mibs, and rfcs, Standards, Mibs – Cisco 32369 User Manual

Page 3: Rfcs

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Cisco IOS DHCP Server 3

Cisco MC3810 series

Cisco 4000 series

Cisco AS5100 access server

Cisco AS5200 universal access server

Cisco AS5300 universal access server

Cisco 7000 series

Cisco 7100 series

Cisco 7200 series

Cisco MGX 8800 with an installed Route Processor Module

Cisco 12000 series

Cisco uBR900 series

Cisco uBR7200 series

Supported Standards, MIBs, and RFCs


No new or modified standards are supported by this feature.


No new or modified MIBs are supported by this feature.

For descriptions of supported MIBs and how to use MIBs, see the Cisco MIB web site on CCO at


RFC 951, Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP)

RFC 1542, Clarifications and Extensions for the Bootstrap Protocol

RFC 2131, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

RFC 2132, DHCP Options and BOOTP Vendor Extensions