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Elastic Stretch (or ”M”) Stitch

The elastic stretch stitch or ”M” stitch is an attractive stitch which may effectively be used in functional and

decorative stitching. It is an indispensable stitch for stretch garment repair and may be used for plain and over­
edged seams in knit and stretch fabrics. The ”M” stitch lends itself to many creative uses.

Stretch Garment Repair

Stitch: ”M” stitch ^

Stitch width: to suit application orfabric

® Stitch length: 0.5 -1.5

General purpose needle plate

General purpose foot or special purpose foot

* •

Seams in stretch garments retain their elasticity when stitched

with the ”M” stitch. This stitch pattern builds stretch into the
seam as it is being sewn and is equally suitable when used to
topstitch as shown, or to overedge. Make a test sample to
check stitch width and length settings.

Lace Insertion

Fine lace insertion and edging add a feminine touch to
blouses, dresses and children’s wear. Such trimming can be
made decorative and durable when applied with the ”M”
• Mark position of lace and baste in position.


Stitch, guiding work under needle so that the top of the

stitches fall along the edge of the lace as illustrated.

e Trim fabric away under lace insertion after stitching both