Buttons, Attaching a button – SINGER 1050 User Manual

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stitch: overedge stretch stitch ^

Stitch width: to suit button

Stitch length: digitally fine tuned at


Button foot

Snap-on feed cover (To attach feed cover see page 7)

Attaching a Button

• Attach button foot and snap-on feed cover to machine

and turn on machine.

• Select overedge stretch stitch.
• Turn hand wheel

toward you

until needle moves to left side.

• Place garment underfoot, then position button on garment.

1. Turn hand wheel again to lower needle into left hole of

button, and lower button foot.

2. Turn hand wheel again carefully until needle is just above

right hole. Adjust stitch width, if required, so that needle

will enter right hole of button. Refer to page 38 for infor­

mation on stitch width.

3. Run machine slowly. Allow at least three groups of cross­

over stitches to enter right hole of button. Finish sewing on
left side, taking two or three tying stitches.

• Remove work from machine leaving 10 cm (4 inches) of

thread. Pull thread ends through to inside of garment, and

knot them close to fabric to form a secure finish.