Chain off and test sew – SINGER 14U 34B/234B User Manual

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• How to change threads

When you wish to change the left needle
thread, right needle thread, left looper
thread or right looper thread with a different
thread, the following steps will make the

changing convenient.

(1) Cut the thread near the spool and tie

the end to the thread you wish to
change to as shown in figure at right.

(2) Raise presser foot.

(3) Note tension reference numbers.

(4) Turn the tension dials down toward the

(—) mark until the dial stops and draw
the thread out so that the tie knot of
the threads extend about 5 cm (2
inches) from the presser foot. When

drawing needle thread through the

needle eye, stop the tie knot before the
needle eye, cut the thread and pass it
through the needle eye.

(5) Return tension dials to reference num­


4. Chain off and test sew

When the machine is completely threaded,

turn the hand wheel toward you 2 or 3 turns
while holding the 4 threads applying a slight
tension as shown in figure at left.

After chaining off, make a test stitch on a
sample of your fabric so that you can adjust
the thread tensions correctly.

After completing the seam, chain off approx.

5 cm (2 inches) as shown in figure at left and

cut thread with scissors.

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