Free arm sewing (tublar work), Seam guide lines, Edge guide (optional parts) – SINGER 14U 34B/234B User Manual

Page 21: Free arm sewing (tubular work)

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11. Free arm sewing (tublar work)

As shown in figure at left, this machine becomes a free
arm machine simply by pushing the convertible bed
plate down making tubular work such as sewing sleeves
very easy.

This is especially convenient for finishing hard-to-reach

areas such as arm holes and overcasting trouser cuffs.

Slip tubular work
onto the free arm
and sew.

12. Seam guide lines

Use seam guide lines on looper cover to measure seam allow­

Thick line on extreme right is 5/8 inch from center of right
needle. Other lines are 5/64 inch apart.

13. Edge guide (optional parts)

For ornamental and blind (overedge) stitching, use of the edge

guide attachment is very convenient.

Attach edge guide as shown in figure.

Edge guide



Edge guide

set screw


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