SINGER 14U 34B/234B User Manual

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10. Differential feed (with differential feed machine only)

Differential feed is a system which “stretches” or “gathers” the fabric, when amount of feed of front
feed dog in relation to the rear feed dog is changed. The differential feed ratio ranges from 1:0.77 ~

1:2.0. Adjustment is made by means of the differential
feed adjusting lever pictured below.

Use of differential feed is very effective in overedging
stretch fabrics and fabrics cut on the bias.

• Gathered overedge (Use regular throat plate)

Gathered overedge is most suited for shirring sleeves, yokes, front and back bodices, skirt hems, etc. in
stretch fabrics such as knits and jersey before assembling into garment.

To set the differential feed adjusting lever

• Open looper cover and loosen differential feed adjusting lever thumb screw.

• Slide adjusting lever downward below the center mark, as required, to gather, and tighten the thumb



The setting position of the lever will differ depending on the material being sewn and the amount

of feed for shirring.

When differential feed adjusting lever is set to maximum gathering ratio, the stitch length dial will

automatically move to setting “3” if previous setting was higher than setting “3”.

Be sure to reset the differential feed adjustingdever to center

mark for normal overedge stitching.


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