SINGER 14U 34B/234B User Manual

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6. Attach edge guide (optional parts) to machine.

7. Fold fabric in half with the wrong side facing up.

8. Place fabric under the foot with the fold resting against the wall of edge guide. Adjust edge guide so

that it is positioned in the center of the seam width as shown in the sketch.

9. When stitching is completed, unfold fabric and press the stitching from the underside of the fabric.

• 3-Thread blindstitching

Blindstitching provides a durable hem finish that is almost invisible. It is best suited for sewing cuffs on

knitwear and skirt hems.


Remove left needle


Knit fabric

Throat plate

Ordinary overedge throat plate

Thread tensions Set tensions to normal sewing condition for 1 needle, 3 thread overedge stiTchihg

(see page 11).

Stitch length dial Set stitch length dial to 4—5.

With the underside up, place the threefold fabric under the foot with the soft fold resting against the wall

of edge guide as shown in the sketch. Lower the foot, and make a test sample to see that the needle will

pierce the edge of the fold. Adjust position of edge guide if necessary.

• Braiding by chaining-off

Chained-off braids can be used for making 3 ply or 4 ply braids.

To make chained-off braids, place movable knife in the non-operating position. Insert filler cord such as
woollen yarn or tape through hole in foot and chain-off.


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