How to adjust stitch length, How to adjust overedge seam width – SINGER 14U 34B/234B User Manual

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7. How to adjust stitch length

The stitch length dial on this machine is pre-set to 3mm for
normal sewing condition. Since the adjustment can be made
easily, adjust the stitch length to 4mm when sewing heavy weight

fabrics such as quilting and to 2mm when sewing light weight
fabrics such as lining fabric, crepe, etc. and you will obtain ex­
cellent seams without puckering.

8. How to adjust overedge seam width

Overedge seam width of this machine is set to 3.5 mm for normal sewing with right needle and 5.7 mm

with left needle however it can be increased up to 5 mm for overedge heavy weight fabrics with right needle
and 7.2 mm with left needle as instructed below.

(1) Before making the adjustment, be sure that the power line plug is disconnected from the wall re­


(2) Open the looper cover. (See page 4).

(3) Turn the hand wheel toward you, lower the movable knife as far as it will go and set it in the non­

operating position as shown in figure below.

(4) Remove the cylinder cover. (See page 4).

Push the movable knife holder to the right

as far as it will go and turn the knob in the
direction shown.

As shown above, the movable knife
will be in a non-operating position.




knife holder

Stationary knife holder
set screw

(5) Loosen the 2 stationary knife holder set screws

with the hex-head wrench provided in the acces­
sories, move the stationary knife holder to the
right or left and tighten the set screw.

(When a wider seam is desired, move the holder to
the right and when a narrower seam is desired,
move the holder to the left).

Be sure to align the cutting edge of the stationary

knife level with the top surface of the throat plate.

(6) Replace the cylinder cover. (See page 4)

(7) Return the movable knife to its original position.

(8) Test Sew


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