SINGER W610 User Manual

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To do this, follow these instructions:


Remove clutch nut A in center of wheel by taking out the small screw B near the edge,

Fig. 53. Turn nut counter-clockwise until it can be lifted off.


Before moving the hand wheel, note the position of the washer, C, Fig.

54 which fits

under the clutch nut. It may fall out when you are changing the belt.
Pull hand wheel away from the machine carefully. Fig. 55. Pull it just far enough to

make the grooved section which holds the belt accessible.

. Slide old belt over hand wheel and over pulley on the end of motor.

. Slide new belt into grooved section and over motor pulley.
. Push hand wheel back against the machine.

. If washer C has fallen off, replace so that the lips D are pointing toward the clutch nut.
. Replace nut and tighten screw securely.

After doing this, turn the clutch toward you to disengage the sewing mechanism. If the

needle still moves up and down as you turn the hand wheel, again remove the clutch nut.

Give the washer a half turn and replace the nut.






Fig. 53

Fig. 54

Fig. 55

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