Cleaning the dispensers – Maytag SL-3 User Manual

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Cleaning the Dispensers

The dispensers may need to be cleaned periodically due to laundry additive build-up. For easy clean-up of the dis­
penser, follow the directions for the corresponding dispenser.

Removing the Chlorine Bleach Dispenser

1. Grasp the comer lip of the chlorine bleach dispenser.

Lift the dispenser up and tip it to the right to avoid hit­
ting the washer frame. (Ulustration #1)

2. Under the chlorine bleach dispenser in the dispensing

compartment is an overflow grate. Grasp the overflow
grate by the word “CAUTION” and pull it up and out
of the dispensing compartment. (Illustration #2)

3. Take the bleach dispenser and the overflow grate to

the sink. Be careful, there may be chlorine bleach left
in the dispenser. Lift the gray siphon cap out of the
chlorine bleach dispenser. (Illustration #3)

4. Run warm water over the dispenser, gray siphon cap

and overflow grate to remove any build-up. A soft
cloth may be used for stubborn stains.

Replacing the Chlorine Bleach Dispenser

1. Grasp the overflow grate so the word “CAUTION”

can be read. Place it in the dispensing compartment as
shown in illustration #4.

2. Place the gray siphon cap over the stand pipe in the

chlorine bleach dispenser. It should fall into place.
(Illustration #5)

3. Grasp the comer lip of the chlorine bleach dispenser.

Tilt it slightly to the right and insert it back into the
dispenser compartment. (Illustration #6)


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Maytag does not recommend placing the plastic dispenser parts in the dishwasher.

If laundry additives were on the parts when washed in the dishwasher,

they may cause oversudsing in the dishwasher.