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Washer Features


Your Maytag Neptune'“ stacked washer is designed to
use a high efficiency laundry detergent or lanndry deter­
gent normally used with top loading washers,

• For best cleaning results, use a high efficiency deter­

gent specially formulated for front load washers such
as Tide FIE or Wisk HE*. To identify this type of
detergent, look for the High Efficiency symbol shown
to the right.

• If you are unable to locate the High Efficiency laun­

dry detergent products in your area, you will achieve

successful cleaning results with laundry detergent

normally used in top loading washers.

Adding Detergent

Either liquid or granular detergent may be used to wash
clothes. Follow the directions on the box or bottle to
determine the appropriate amount of detergent. Ponr the
detergent directly on top of the load in the tub.

If color-safe bleach is to be used, it should be added on
top of the load with detergent for best results.

Jf using the “PRE WASH” setting, measure

1 1/2 times the amount of detergent.

Automatic Dispensers

There are two automatic dispensing compartments. One
holds liquid chlorine bleach and the other holds liquid
fabric softener. The laundry additives can be added to
their respective dispenser compartments. They will be
dispensed at the appropriate time for the most effective
cleaning and softening.