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Before You Call


Check these points if your clothes washer.


• Plug cord into live electrical outlet.

• Check fuse or reset circuit breaker.

• Turn the control dial to proper cycle and push the START/STOP button to

start the clothes washer. Be sure the buttons are fully depressed.

• Close door and push the START/STOP button to start the clothes washer. For your

safety, washer will not tumble or spin unless door is closed.

• This may be a pause or soak period in the cycle. Wait briefly and it may start.

• Low water pressure. Try not to run a shower and/or dishwasher at the same time.

Leaks Water

• Make sure hose connections are tight.

• Make sure end of dram hose is correctly inserted and secured to dram facility.

• Avoid overloading.

Is Noisy

• Clothes washer should be leveled properly as outlined in installation


• Weak floors can cause vibration and walking.

• Be sure rubber feet are installed on leveling legs.

• Check that the leveling leg lock nuts are tightened.

Fills with

the Wrong



• Turn both faucets on fully.

• Check that the temperature selector button is fully depressed.

• Make sure temperature selection is correct.

• Make sure hoses are connected to correct faucets and inlet connections. Flush water

line before filling washer.

• Check the water heater. It should be set to deliver a minimum 120°F (49°C) hot water

at the tap. Also check water heater capacity and recovery rate.

• Disconnect hoses and clean screens. Hose filter screens may be plugged.

Cycle Selector

Knob Advances

Through “off’

• Extra rinse option is selected.

Tub is


Full of Suds

• Run the clothes washer through another complete cycle using cold water.

• Reduce detergent amount for that specific load size and soil level.

• Use high efficiency or low sudsing detergent specially formulated for front load


• See “Won’t Spin or Drain” section on page 19.