Replacing the washer light, Reversing the clothes washer door, Reversing the clothes – Maytag SL-3 User Manual

Page 13: Washer door

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Replacing the Washer Light

Instructions for replacing the bulb:

1) Unplug or disconnect the stacked unit from the electrical power supply.

2) Open the door and use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screw attaching the light cover

to the door lock assembly.

3) Pull down on the light cover.

4) Unscrew the light bulb counter clockwise from the socket.

5) Replace the bulb with a 120 volt, 10 watt candelabra base light bulb and rotate clockwise.

6) Replace the light cover by inserting the front tabs into the door lock assembly and push

the rear of light cover into position.

7) Replace the screw into the light cover/door lock assembly.

8) Plug in or reconnect stacked unit to the power supply.

Reversing the Clothes Washer Door..............................

Clothes washer door swing direction can be changed using the following procedure;

1) Swing door fully open and support it while removing four counter sunk hinge screws (which hold hinges to door


2) Set door aside and transfer four color matched door screws to the opposite side of the door assembly.

3) Remove one screw holding top hinge to cabinet and one screw holding top hinge cover to cabinet (opposite side).

4) Remove hinge and bracket from cabinet by moving them up and down to a position where they are released.

5) Install hinge and bracket in swapped locations and drive screws to attach them securely to the cabinet.

6) Compare top hinge and top bracket to bottom hinge and bottom bracket for correct assembly position.

7) Repeat procedures 4 through 6 for bottom hinge to cabinet and bottom bracket to cabinet.

8) Support door in fully open position on hinge side and drive four counter sunk hinge screws to securely attach

hinges to door assembly.

9) Close door and check to see that clothes washer operates properly.

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