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Check these points if your clothes dryer.

Doesn’t Run

• Plug cord into live electrical outlet.

• Check fuse or reset circuit breaker.

• Check the home’s circuit breaker and fuses.

• Press the START button again if the door is opened during the cycle.

Doesn’t Heat

• Check fuse or reset circuit breaker.

• Select a heat setting, not air-fluff.

• On a gas dryer, check that the gas supply is on.

• Clean the lint filter and exhaust duct.

Doesn’t Dry

• Check all of the above, plus...

• Be sure the exhaust hood at the outside of the home can open and close freely.

• Use 4” rigid metal exhaust duct.

• Do not overload. 1 Wash load = 1 Dryer load.

• Sort heavy items from lightweight items.

• Check that the washer is draining properly to extract adequate water from the load.

Is Noisy

• Check the load for objects such as coins, loose buttons, nails, etc. Remove promptly.

• Be sure the Super Stack is leveled properly as outlined in the installation instructions.

• Be sure the rubber feet are installed on the leveling legs.
• Check that the leveling leg lock nuts are tightened.

Control Knob

Advanees Slowly

• This is normal operation for an IntelUDry cycle, especially at the beginning of the

cycle. Once the load begins to dry, the control knob will start to advance. The rate of
advancement will be slow at the beginning of the cycle because there is more mois­
ture in the load. As the load becomes more dry, the control knob will advance more

What is not covered by the warranties

1. Conditions and damages resulting from any of the following:

a. Improper installation, delivery, or maintenance.

b. Any repair, modification, alteration or adjustment not

authorized by the manufacturer or an authorized servicer.

c. Misuse, abuse, accidents, or unreasonable use.
d. Incorrect electric current, voltage or supply.
e. Improper setting of any control.

2. Warranties are void if the original serial numbers have been

removed, altered, or cannot be readily determined.

3. Light bulbs.

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4. Products purchased for commercial or industrial use.

5. The cost of service or service call to:

a. Correct in,stallation errors.
b. Instruct the user on proper use of the product.
c. Tran.sport the appliance to the servicer.

6. Consequential or incidental damages sustained by any person

as a result of any breach of these warranties.

Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of conse­
quential or incidental damages, so the above exclusion may not