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Page 7: Step, Load the clothes washer

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For detailed information on sorting, pretreating stains, etc., see the enclosed Laundering Tips pamphlet.



Load the Clothes Washer

The tub can be loaded completely full with dry
unfolded clothes. However, do not pack the tub

Overloading may reduce washing efficiency and pos­
sibly cause creasing or wrinkling of the load.

When washing big bulky items, such as a rug, that do
not till the tub completely, a few towels may be added
for best performance.

To load a forgotten item immediately after the
clothes washer has started, press the START/STOP
button. The door will remain unlocked for approxi­
mately 3 minutes into the start of the cycle. Add the

item(s), close the door and press the START/STOP
button to resume the cycle.

Once the door has locked, it is possible to load a
forgotten item. Press the START/STOP button and
wait approximately 2 minutes for the “Door Locked”
indicator to turn off. Open the door, add the item(s),
close the door and press the START/STOP button to
resume the cycle.

Add laundry detergent on top of the load in the tub and
additives to the dispensers (See Detergent page 6).

Step Start Your Maytag Neptune™ Washer

Close the washer door.

Push the START/STOP button.

The washer has started when the ON light is lit and
an audible tone is heard.


The wash cycle is complete when the control dial points to "'OFF” and

■ the “Door Locked” light is no longer lit. The door should open easily.

Indicator Lights

• DOOR LOCKED - Lights whenever the door of the clothes

washer is locked and unable to open. The door can be unlocked
by pressing the START/STOP button to stop the clothes washer.
It may take approximately 2 minutes for the door to be unlocked.

• ON - Indicates when the clothes washer is operating.