Adding chlorine bleach, Adding fabric softener – Maytag SL-3 User Manual

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Adding Chlorine Bleach

The dispenser automatically dilutes liquid chlorine
bleach before it reaches the wash load. Follow these

steps when using liquid chlorine bleach;

1. Add liquid chlorine bleach to the chlorine bleach

compartment but do not exceed the MAX FILL 3/4
CUP line. The chlorine bleach compartment will hold
3/4 of a cup.

2. Avoid splashing or over-filling the compartment.

Over-filling the compartment will release the chlo­
rine bleach into the clothes washer too early.


• Never pour undiluted liquid chlorine bleach directly

onto the load or into the tub. It is a powerful chemi­
cal and can cause fabric damage, such as weakening
of the fibers or color loss, if not used properly.

• If you prefer to use color-safe, non-chlorine bleach,

add it with the detergent. Do not pour color-safe
bleach into the liquid chlorine bleach compart­

Adding Fabric Softener

This compartment automatically dilutes and releases liq­
uid fabric softener at the proper time during the cycle.
Follow these steps when using liquid fabric softener:

1. Pour liquid fabric softener into the fabric softener

compartment using the amount recommended on the


2. Fabric softener may be diluted with warm water until

it reaches the MAX FILL DILUTED line on the
compartment. Do not fill the liquid fabric softener
compartment above the MAX FILL DILUTED
line. If the compartment is filled above the MAX
FILL DILUTED line, it will enter the clothes

washer too early.


• Never pour fabric softener directly on the load. It may

leave spots and stains.

• Use the fabric softener compartment only for liquid

fabric softeners.

Using the Downy Ball* is not recommended with this
washer. It will be ineffe
and providing softness.

washer. It will be ineffective in reducing static cling

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