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Water Use

The amount of water used to wash loads of laundry will
vary with each load. The Maytag Neptune™ stacked
washer uses an IntelliFill device to provide the appropri­

ate amount of water for efficient cleaning performance
and conservation of water and energy.

Care and Cleaning


Turn off the water faucets after finishing the day’s
washing. This will shut off the water supply to the
clothes washer and prevent the unlikely possibility of
damage from escaping water.

Use a soft cloth to wipe up all detergent, bleach or other

spills as they occur.

Clean the following as recommended;

Control Panel - clean with a soft, damp cloth or glass

cleaner. Do not use abrasive powders or cleaning

Cabinet - clean with soap and water followed with an

appliance wax, if desired.

Interior - hard water deposits may be removed, if

needed, using a recommended cleaner labeled clothes
washer safe.


Tumbler - If the tumbler becomes stained by a crayon,
ink pen or other item inadvertently left in a garment,
clean the tumbler with an all purpose cleaner such as:
Fantastik, Soft Scrub or Formula 409.* Then tumble old
towels or rags to remove any excess stain or cleaning

Exhaust System Cleaning - While the lint filter will
catch most of the lint from the load, some will get
through and may buildup in the ductwork. It is important
to completely inspect and clean all lint accumulation
from the interior of the ductwork once a year to maintain
drying performance. The exhaust hood at the outside of
the home should be cleaned more frequently to ensure
the damper opens and closes freely.

Refer to the Installation Instructions for more details on

proper exhausting.

Storing the Maytag Neptune" Super Stack

Washers can be damaged if water is not removed from
hoses and internal components before storage. Prepare
the washer for storage as follows;

• Select the ▲ setting on the REGUTAR cycle of the

clothes washer and press the START/STOP button.
After one minute of filling, stop the washer and open
the door. Mix one cup of bleach or vinegar with four
cups of water and pour the solution into the tub. Close
the door, press the START/STOP button and allow the
washer to complete a cycle. (Do not mix bleach and
vinegar in the same wash. Hazardous fumes
can form.)

• Turn the water faucets off and disconnect the inlet


Advance the cycle control knob to Spin and lower
the drain hose to eliminate any water that may be in
the drain hose.

Disconnect the clothes washer from the electrical

supply and leave the washer door open to let air cir­

culate inside the tumbler.

Clean the dryer tumbler with an all purpose cleaner

such as Fantastik or Formula 409* and disconnect

from power supply.

For extended periods of storage or

storage during extreme cold temperatures,

call Maytag Customer Assistance


Li.S. customers using TTY for deaf

hearing impaired or speech impaired,

call 1-800-688-2080.


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