Washer operating sounds – Maytag SL-3 User Manual

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Washer Operating Sounds

Normal operating sounds of your Maytag Neptune™ clothes washer

High pitched sound during a spin cycle.

This occurs as the motor increases speed to spin the tub to
remove moisture from the load.

Flushing water sound coming from
the dispenser area.

Water enters the dispensers to flush chlorine bleach and/or
fabric softener into the tumbler during the appropriate time of
the cycle.

Sloshing or gurgling water sound
from inside the washer when the tub

is rotated.

This sound comes from the sealed counter balance ring. It is
used to make the washer run more smoothly and efficiently.

“Whirring” sound followed by a
pause, repeated throughout the wash

The tub rotates one direction followed by a pause. The tub
reverses direction and pauses.

Clothes washer maintains a slightly
reduced spin speed after achieving a
higher spin speed.

After reaching the maximum spin speed, the machine may
reduce spin speed slightly to create less noise and vibration.

The spin speed slows down dramati­
cally when it sounds like an out-of­
balance load.

The tumbler will begin to accelerate up to speed, then slows
back down to redistribute the load more evenly.

Clothes washer adds water after it has
been tumbling for a while.

The Maytag Neptune“ clothes washer uses a true adaptive fill.
This will add more water during the wash cycle as it is needed.


Water IS being added to the dispensers to dilute and rinse chlo­
rine bleach or fabnc softener into the tumbler at the appropriate
time. This will occur even if chlorine bleach and fabric softener
are not used.

If you are unsure about an operating sound, the Video User's Guide may provide further
assistance. The normal operating sounds listed on this paye can be heard on the video.