Removing the chlorine bleach grate, Replacing the chlorine bleach grate – Maytag SL-3 User Manual

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Removing the Chlorine Bleach Grate

The gray siphon cap for chlorine bleach has a grate cov­
ering the dispensing compartment. This grate helps pre­
vent items from falling into the bleach dispenser by
accident. The grate is detachable for easy clean-up.

When the chlorine bleach compartment is empty, lift the
gray siphon cap out of the chlorine bleach compartment.
Run water over the entire siphon cap and grate to wash
off any excess chlorine bleach. Took at the backside of
the siphon cap. Using your thumb, press the bottom
notch up and outward (Illustration #1). The grate should
come out of the hole (Illustration #2). Take the pieces to
the sink for cleaning.

Replacing the Chlorine Bleach Grate

Place the top two notches in the top of the hole. Using

your thumb, press the bottom notch up and outward

(Illustration #3). Then replace the siphon tube back into
the chlorine bleach dispenser (Illustration #4).