Sewing with the optional hemmer foot, Sewing with the optional hemmerfoot – SINGER 6510 Scholastic User Manual

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□ Sewing with the optional Hemmer foot

* The hemmer foot is an optional accessory not supplied with

your machine.

For hems in fine or sheer fabrics.



Set the stitch pattern dial to ( ^ ) or ( i ).

Change to optional hemmer Foot.

Neaten the edge of the fabric. At the beginning of the hem, turn
under the edge twice by about 3 mm (1/8") and sew 4-5 stitches

to secure. Pull the thread slightly towards the back. Insert the

needle into the fabric, raise the presser foot and guide the fold
into the scroll on the foot (1).

Gently pull the fabric edge towards you and lower the presser


Begin sewing, guiding the fabric into the scroll by holding it
upright and slightly to the left (2).