The evenfeed foot optional accessory – SINGER 6510 Scholastic User Manual

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□ The evenfeed foot optional accessory

The evenfeed foot accessory is optional. It is not included
with this machine.

Always try to sew first without the evenfeed foot accessory
which should be used only when necessary.

It is easier to guide the fabric and you have a better view of the

seam when using the standard, regular foot on your machine.

Your sewing machine offers excellent stitch quality on a wide

range of fabrics from delicate chiffons to multiple layers of

The evenfeed Foot accessory equalizes the feeding of the

upper and lower layers of fabric and improves the matching of
plaids, stripes and patterns. It also helps to prevent uneven

feeding of very difficult fabrics.

1. Lift the presser foot lifter to raise the presser foot bar (1).

2. Remove the presser foot holder by unscrewing

(counterclockwise) the presser bar attaching screw (2).

3. Attach the evenfeed foot to the machine as follows:

i) The arm (3) should fit into above the needle screw and

clamp (4).

ii) Slide the plastic attaching head (5) from your left to right

so that it is fitted into the presser foot bar.

iii) Lower the presser foot bar (1).

iv) Replace and tighten (clockwise) the presser bar attaching

screw (2).

4. Make sure both the needle screw (4) and the presser bar

attaching screw (2) are tightly secured.

5. Draw the bobbin thread up and place both the bobbin thread

and the needle thread behind the walking foot attachment.

Attaching head (5)

Arm (3)


Needle screw & clamp (4)

Presser foot bar (1 )

Arm (3)

Presser bar attaching screw (2)