Maintenance, Cleaning – SINGER 6510 Scholastic User Manual

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□ Maintenance


Disconnect the machine from the wall outlet before carrying

out any maintenance or changing the sewing light bulb.


If lint and bits of thread accumulate in the hook, this will

interfere with the smooth operation of the machine. Check
regularly and clean the stitching mechanism when necessary.

A. Bobbin holder

1. Remove the bobbin cover plate and bobbin.

2. Clean the bobbin holder with a brush.

B. Hook race and feed dog

1. Remove the needle, presser foot and holder.

Remove the bobbin cover plate and bobbin.

Remove the screw holding the needle plate and remove

the needle plate.

2. Lift up bobbin case and remove it.

3. Clean the hook race, feed dog and bobbin case with a

brush. Also clean them, using a soft, dry cloth.

4. Replace the bobbin case into the hook race so that the tip

(a) fits to the stopper (b) as shown.