Monogramming and embroidering with embroidery hoop, Preparation for monogramming and embroidering – SINGER 6510 Scholastic User Manual

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□ Monogramming and embroidering with embroidery hoop’'

Drop the feed dogs. (Note: Stitch length cannot be controlled

with dial)

- Set the machine as illustrated above.

- Remove the presser foot and the presser foot holder.

- Attach the darning plate.

- Lower presser foot lever before starting to sew.

- Adjust the stitch width according to the size of lettering or


Preparation for Monogramming and Embroidering*

- Draw the desired lettering or design on the right side of the


- Stretch the fabric between embroidery hoop as firmly as


- Place the fabric under the needle. Make sure the presser

foot bar is down in its lowest position.

- Turn the balance wheel towards you to bring up the lower

thread through the fabric. Sew a few securing stitches at the

starting point.

- Hold the hoop with thumb and forefingers of both hands.

- Coordinate sewing speed and movement of hoop.

"'Embroidery hoop not included with machine.