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Chapter 3



Chapter 3


3-5 Using a Memory Stick

When a Memory Stick is inserted in the VTR, the file
data can be stored on the Memory Stick, which
enables you to share data among cameras.


Use a Memory Stick formatted with this VTR. It
cannot be shared with other devices.

For more details, refer to the Maintenance Manual.

Inserting a Memory Stick

Insert a Memory Stick with the label side up into the
Memory Stick slot until it clicks.


Never insert/remove a Memory Stick during access
to data.

To remove a Memory Stick
If you push the inserted Memory Stick, the Memory
will pop out a little. Then pull the Memory

3-5-1 Notes on Memory Stick

On Memory Stick

Memory Stick is a new compact, portable and
versatile IC recording medium with a data capacity
that exceeds that of a floppy disk. Memory Stick is
specially designed for exchanging and sharing digital
data among Memory Stick compatible products.
Because it is removable, Memory Stick can also be
used for external data storage.

Types of Memory Stick

There are two types of Memory Stick: MagicGate
Memory Stick that is equipped with the MagicGate
copyright protection technology and general Memory
. Use the general type Memory Stick (8MB,
16MB, 32MB, 64MB, 128MB) with your camera.

On MagicGate

MagicGate is copyright-protection technology that
uses encryption technology.

Before using a Memory Stick

• You cannot record or erase data when the write-

protect tab on the Memory Stick is set to LOCK.

• We recommend backing up important data.
• Image data may be damaged in the following cases:

– If you remove the Memory Stick, or turn the

power off during access to data

– If you use a Memory Stick near static electricity

or a magnetic field

Label side

Memory Stick


Write-protect tab

Labeling position

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