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Chapter 6 Tele-File


Chapter 6


Chapter 6



6-1 Overview of Tele-File Functions

Tele-File is a non-contact data carrier system.
Tele-File enables data writing/reading between
cassettes with memory labels and VTRs. It increases
the efficiency of operations such as cuing up and
playback, and source data management.

Newly developed IC

The Tele-File system employs a newly developed
memory IC with the following features.
• Thin design: With a thickness of 0.5 mm, the IC can

be attached to cassettes as a memory label.

• Memory capacity: 1 KB (user area, rewritable)
• Data transfer speed: 100 kbps
• Security functions: Reading and writing authorization

can be controlled through multiple passwords and
permission settings.

Memory label

Data management in clip units

In Tele-File, data is managed in units called “clips.” A
clip consists of the following data items, whose
settings can be displayed and changed.
• Cue point
• Write protect
• Mark
• Recording start point
• IN point
• OUT point
• Take number
• Cut number
• Scene number
• Comment

Data library management with handy

An optional handy reader/writer (supporting Memory
Stick) is available to facilitate data library

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