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Chapter 8

Function Menu

Chapter 8

Function Menu


8-2 Function Menu Item List

The function menu has the following items.

HOME page

a) The selection of LTC or VITC depends on the setting of F6 (TCR) in function menu page 1 .

Page 1




Selects the time data to display in time data display area 1

(see page 2-6).

TC: Playback time code read by the internal time code reader. The LTC or VITC time data type indicator

(see page 2-6) lights.


UB: User bits data of playback time code. The LUB or VIUB time data type indicator lights, depending on

whether the time code is LTC or VITC.


CTL: The running time of the tape being played back, as calculated from a count of CTL signals recorded

on the tape. The time is displayed in Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Frames format.


Puts the system into setup menu mode

(see Chapter 9).

When the current setup menu settings are the same as the contents of any of menu banks 1 to 3, or the
factory defaults, the corresponding indication (1), (2), (3), (4), or (dflt) appears.
(1): Same as menu bank 1.
(2): Same as menu bank 2.
(3): Same as menu bank 3.
(4): Same as menu bank 4.
(dflt): Same as factory defaults.



F4 (DF)

In 59.94i, 29.97PsF mode, selects either drop-frame mode or non-drop frame mode for the time code
generator and the CTL counter.

DF: Drop-frame mode

NDF: Non-drop frame mode

F6 (TCR)

Selects the type of time code to display in the time data display.

LTC: Display LTC.

AUTO: Display VITC when tape speed is 1/2 or less of normal speed, and LTC otherwise.

VITC: Display VITC.

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