Safety precautions and conditions of use, Conditions of use, Safety precautions and condi- tions of use – Sharp O2 User Manual

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Safety Precautions and Conditions of Use

Safety Precautions and Condi-

tions of Use

Your phone conforms to international regulations
insofar as it is used under normal conditions and in
accordance with the following instructions.


Electromagnetic waves
• Do not switch on your phone aboard an aircraft (as

your phone may interfere with the aircraft’s
electronic systems). Current legislation forbids this
use and legal action can be taken against the user.

• Do not switch on your phone in a hospital, except in

designated areas.

• Use of your phone’s function may affect the

performance of medical electronic units
(pacemakers, hearing aids, insulin pumps, etc.).
When the phone function is on, do not bring it near
medical equipment or into areas in which medical
equipment is being used. If you have a hearing aid or
a pacemaker, only use the phone on the opposite side
of your body from where it is located. The phone
should be kept at least 6 inches (15.24 cm) from a
pacemaker ANYTIME the phone is switched on.

• Do not switch on your phone near gas or flammable


• Observe the rules concerning the use of mobile

phones at gasoline stations, chemical plants and at all
sites where a risk of explosion exists.

Caring for your phone
• Do not allow children to use your phone without


• Do not open or attempt to repair your phone yourself.

The product can only be repaired by authorized
service personnel.

• Do not drop your phone or subject it to severe

impacts. Bending the body and pushing the display or
keys with extreme force could damage the phone.

• Do not use solvents to clean your phone. Use only a

soft, dry cloth.

• Do not carry your phone in your back pocket as it

could break when you sit down. The display is made
of glass and is particularly fragile.

• Avoid touching the external connector on the

underside of the phone, since the delicate
components within can be damaged by static