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Using the Menu

Using the Menu

Using the Main Menu

during stand-by mode.

2. Press


to navigate to required location.

3. Press


to access function.

To Select Another Item within the Main Menu
To return to the previous screen after selecting a
function from the Main Menu or Sub Menu, press


Every time you press

, the screen goes back one by

Operation Guidance
Your phone uses softkeys to help you to navigate the
phone (


). These keys change usage

depending on the situation. The function of each
softkey at any given time is highlighted at the bottom
left and bottom right of the screen.

Shortcut Keys
When pressing several key combinations during stand-
by mode, you can shortcut to the specified menus.
To access the desired menu directly, press

and digit

keys for the menu’s corresponding number during
stand-by mode. See the following table as reference.

Example: To access “Language” Sub Menu using
shortcut keys

Press .

• The shortcut keys work for the first three menu levels


List of Menu Functions

Menu No./

Main Menu

Menu No./

Sub Menu1

1 Camera

2 My Phone

1 Image Gallery
2 Sound Gallery
3 Text Templates
4 Memory Status

3 Fun & Games

1 Games
2 Melody Editor
3 Tone Editor

4 Profiles

1 Normal
2 Meeting
3 Activity
4 Car
5 Silent