Environment, Precautions concerning vehicle use, Environment precautions concerning vehicle use – Sharp O2 User Manual

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Safety Precautions and Conditions of Use

• Clean the lens cover before taking a picture.

Fingerprints, oils, etc. on the lens cover hinder clear
focusing. Wipe them off with a soft cloth before
taking a picture.

• As with any electronic storage unit, data may be lost

or corrupted under various circumstances.

• Before connecting the phone with a PC or a

peripheral unit, read the operation manual for the
other unit carefully.

• If the phone’s battery has been removed for some

time, or the phone has been reset, the unit’s clock and
calendar may be reinitialised. The date and time
should be updated in this case.

• Use only the attached hands free kit. Some phone’s

functions may not work when unauthorised hands
free kits are used.


• Keep your phone away from extreme heat. Do not

leave it on the dashboard of a car or near a heater. Do
not leave it in any place that is extremely damp or

• Since this product is not waterproof, do not use it or

store it where fluids such as water can splash onto it.
Raindrops, water spray, juice, coffee, steam,
perspiration, etc. will also cause a malfunction.



• It is the user’s responsibility to verify if local laws

permit the use of a mobile phone in a vehicle. Give
full attention to driving. Pull off onto the side of a
road and park the car before making or answering a

• If local laws permit, we recommend that you use your

phone with the attached hands free.

• Use of your phone’s function may interfere with the

vehicle’s electronic systems, such as the ABS anti-
lock brakes or the air-bag. To ensure no such problem
occurs, please check with your dealer or car
manufacturer before connecting your phone.

• Only allow qualified service maintenance personnel

to install the vehicle accessories.

The manufacturer disclaims any liability for damage
which may result as a consequence of improper use or
use contrary to the instructions contained herein.