Auxiliary audio input – Teac K1200 User Manual

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Auxiliary Audio Input

The ComSystem provides a port to connect auxiliary audio players
(such as MP3 devices) to the audio channel (Level 1).

• Connect the accessory audio device using a connection cable BMW

PN 99 99 0 000 204 (short) or 99 99 0 000 205 (long), which has a
3.5 mm stereo plug at both ends.

• The auxiliary audio input jack ➊ becomes live when fairing speaker /

headset switch ➋ is set to fairing speakers. EXT = button out / HS
= button in.

• Note that a “pop” sound may be heard when the HS/EXT switch is

pressed. The sound is produced by the engagement of a set of
relays, which is a normal sound.

• Adjust the audio volume of the accessory audio device to a comfort-

able level. As the audio is feeding directly into the ComSystem, the
audio will not be adjusted automatically with motorcycle speed as
with the BMW K 1200 LT radio system.

• When the motorcycle ignition is turned “off”, the K1200LT radio

system audio (if turned on) will play through the fairing speakers
regardless of the position of the HS/EXT switch (defaults back to
EXT). The accessory audio device cannot play through the fairing
speakers at any time – only through the ComSystem / headsets.

Do not make adjustments to Accessory Audio Device controls
while driving.