Overview – Teac K1200 User Manual

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The audio management of the K 1200 LT consists of inputs and outputs
from numerous standard and optional devices. To gain the most benefit
from the system, it is necessary to understand what functions are
available. As with all audio systems, these devices operate on different
levels, which determine what priority each level has over the other.
These levels go from lowest priority (level 1) to highest priority (level 4).

Level 1 - Music can be received into the helmet headsets using one

of the sources listed below:
• BMW AM/FM/weatherband radio with cassette and

optional 6-disc CD


• Auxiliary Audio Input (MP3 players or other recorded music


Level 2 - ComSystem driver / passenger intercom, which mutes level

1 audio when engaged. The ComSystem intercom is also
engaged when a signal is received from:
• CB radio (27 MHz two-way radio)

and / or

• Family Channel radio (462 MHz two-way radios from

Kenwood, Motorola, etc.)

Level 3 - Cell Phone, which mutes all level 2 and lower functions

(except intercom), connecting rider and passenger helmet
headsets to cell phone.

Level 4 - Warning device will interrupt all lower levels (for RH helmet

speaker only), to signal:
• Accessory Audio Warning Device (equipped with audio

output jack)


• Global Positioning System (GPS) device (equipped with

audio output jack)

The BMW ComSystem also provides the basic linkage to the rider /
passenger headsets for all of the functions noted above. The BMW
ComSystem has been optimized to provide excellent music fidelity for
your listening enjoyment, gaining full benefit from the BMW 120W sound
system that is standard on the K 1200 LT. The BMW ComSystem will
function with any BMW helmet headset sold to-date with 6-pin DIN plug