Teac K1200 User Manual

Page 12

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oddments compartment. A longer cable is available PN 99 99 0 000
203 to allow placement of the phone in the optional tank utility pouch
71 60 2 342 670.

• Turn the phone “on”, place the phone in the tray and close the lid.
• For cellular phones equipped with voice-command dialing, your

helmet headset microphone is continually connected to the cellular
phone. This will enable rider or passenger to activate the voice-
command dialing feature. However, note that your phone will “hear”
everything said through your microphone, so it is possible to
inadvertently place a call if what you say matches your voice
command keyword




keyword and if your phone does not require pressing a

specific key to activate voice command dialing.

• Once a call is received, the rider and passenger headsets will

connect to the phone via a distinct VOX activated intercom channel,
muting out all lower level communications (music, CB and FRS radio).
Phone conversations are then shared by rider and passenger. Any
audio generated from the phone or voice input will keep the intercom
latched, with a 3.5 second intercom delay from the last VOX input. If
a pause in conversation exceeds 3.5 seconds, lower level audio will
return until new VOX input is received.

• You may need to fine-tune the cell phone volume until you have

established a comfortable volume level while riding. Manipulation of
phone controls while riding is not recommended.

Risk of injury! Do not make adjustments to ComSystem
controls while driving. You may be distracted, lose control of
the motorcycle and be seriously injured.

Do not dial a cellular phone while driving! Utilize only voice
command dialing options to place a call while riding the
motorcycle, and only when a call can be placed without
diverting your attention from the road.