Teac K1200 User Manual

Page 4

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Check the volume control position of your ComSystem prior
to use. If in doubt about the correct setting, turn the volume
control counter-clockwise to a minimal level prior to turning
on ignition to avoid excessively loud volume when the
motorcycle ignition is turned on.

Set your ComSystem to a volume level which allows you at all
times to hear traffic noises and the signals of other road-users
(especially police and emergency services). Volume settings
which prevent this are dangerous to you and those around
you. Moreover, the influence of high noise levels can damage
your hearing.

Only use the communications features of the ComSystem
when the traffic situation allows without danger. Observe all
local regulations with respect to helmet installed audio

While driving, do not conduct any conversations by radio or
telephone which will distract you from events on the road. In
these cases, you should stop the motorcycle and only drive on
after the conversation is concluded.