Teac K1200 User Manual

Page 17

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desired channel. You can select memory functions to remember
specific channels.

• With intercom volume set at your normal level, adjust the volume of

the CB radio to be received at a comfortable level. Use the CB radio
volume control to do this (you need to receive a real transmission to
do this) before the ride begins. Also adjust the CB squelch control to
a comfortable level.

• We recommend reading the owners manual provided with your CB

radio to take full advantage of the features and benefits of the radio,
including dual channel scanning.

• Incoming CB radio transmissions will activate the intercom system,

mute the music (Level 1), and will be heard by rider and passenger.
Rider and passenger can discuss what is being heard from the FRS
or CB radio without that conversation transmitted. If FRS is also being
monitored, incoming transmissions will mix with the CB radio
broadcasts, muting the music as well.

• You can only transmit on either CB or FRS, not both at the same

time. Therefore, you must select which radio device you wish to
transmit on. Selector switch ➐ should be set to transmit on the
device you have chosen.

• To transmit, rider or passenger must press the PTT button with (TX)

toggle switch set to “CB”.

• The 3.5 second delay of the intercom system aids two-way radio

conversations, since most users don’t say “over” when their
statements are finished. The 3.5 second delay provides time to
bridge the natural pause that occurs while listeners determine the
incoming speech has ended, before they respond.

• Note: When riding with other motorcycles in a close group, you may

wish to utilize the low power output selection switch on the CB radio,
which will reduce the output wattage, thereby reducing the distortion
that can occur when transmitting in very close proximity to other
motorcycles using CB.

Do not make adjustments to CB / FRS radio controls while