Teac K1200 User Manual

Page 9

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• The intercom will mute the music from all audio sources when VOX is

engaged, and return the music 3.5 seconds after the last VOX input is
received. The 3.5 second delay spans the natural gaps that occur
from voice inflections and minor turns of the head (away from
microphone) that occur while riding.

• The optional rider / passenger PTT switch will also activate intercom,

thus allowing both the rider and passenger the enjoyment of the two-
way communication when using two-way radios.

• When riding in such extreme noise conditions that make VOX

activation of the intercom impractical, just turn the VOX sensitivity
knob counterclockwise fully and use the PTT switches with two-way
radios turned “off” to communicate on the intercom system.

• The music heard through the ComSystem is imported from radio

amplifier output to the front fairing speakers, which means that if the
radio fader is set to fade out the front fairing speakers, the
ComSystem will not receive audio input from the radio. The radio
fader control has no affect on the audio front-to-rear balance heard in
the headsets through the ComSystem. The audio level balance of
the ComSystem has no front-to-rear or left-to-right balance.
However, the left-to-right balance of the radio amplifier will impact the
audio signal going to the ComSystem, since the source (front fairing
speaker leads) would be affected by that adjustment.

• We recommend setting the audio music automatic speed adjustment

to 4. Most riders will find this the most comfortable setting for volume-
to-speed increase.


For maximum enjoyment of the system, it is imperative that the helmet
headset microphone placement be correct, as advised in the headset
installation instructions. Too much gap between the mouth and
microphone will result in excessive noise entering the system and
imperfect intercom operation / VOX switching.

Risk of injury! Do not make adjustments to ComSystem
controls while driving. You may be distracted, lose control of
the motorcycle and be seriously injured.