Teac K1200 User Manual

Page 18

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If you receive a cell phone call while riding with the FRS or CB radio in
use, the cell phone will mute all Level 1 & 2 communications. How-
ever, if (out of habit) you press the PTT button while talking on the
phone (something you should not do), that portion of your phone
conversation could be transmitted over the FRS or CB radio.


The range afforded with CB or FRS radio will vary depending upon
terrain, weather conditions, outside sources of interference, etc. This is
particularly true of CB, which is AM band (FRS is FM). Therefore,
expect less range in mountain areas, greater range in plains areas.


For maximum enjoyment of the system, it is imperative that the helmet
headset microphone placement be correct, as advised in the headset
installation instructions. Too much gap between the mouth and
microphone will result in excessive noise entering the system and
imperfect intercom operation / VOX switching.