Teac K1200 User Manual

Page 20

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volume control to do this (you need to receive a real transmission to
do this) before the ride begins.

• AAWD or GPS volume level must be set high enough to trigger the

audio circuit. Very low volume levels may produce a “choppy” audio

• A special plug kit with universal pigtail is available from your BMW

retailer under BMW PN 99 99 0 000 194, to provide a quick
connection to your AAWD. A three-conductor plug is mounted in the
LH handlebar molded housing, allowing quick disconnection of your
AAWD. If AAWD does not have an audio output signal connection,
you can contact J & M Corporation at 520-624-7000 for information
on the cost to modify your device to obtain the necessary

Using GPS and AAWD at the Same Time
• Knowing that some users will want to have both devices active at the

same time, separate connection points were developed in the wiring
harness. These points will pipe both signals into the same channel
inside the ComSystem, but will keep them from back-feeding into
each-other. The plug connection for the GPS is near the CB radio
plug connection. The connection point for the AAWD is inside the LH
handlebar cover.

• It is recommended that the volume level of the AAWD be adjusted

lower than the volume of the GPS. This way, the lower volume tone
will be easily recognized, while the louder voice direction of the GPS
will be distinguished from the lower AAWD tone.

Do not make adjustments to Accessory Audio Warning Device
or GPS controls while driving.

Use of Accessory Audio Warning Devices may not be approved in all
States. Please consult and observe all local regulations.