Teac K1200 User Manual

Page 14

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• Incoming FRS radio transmissions will activate the intercom system,

mute the music (Level 1), and will be heard by rider and passenger.
Rider and passenger can discuss what is being heard from the FRS
or CB radio without that conversation be transmitted. If CB is also
being monitored, incoming transmissions will mix with the FRS radio
broadcasts, muting the music as well.

• To transmit, rider or passenger must press the PTT button with (TX)

toggle switch set to “FRS”.

• You can only transmit on either CB or FRS, not both at the same

time. Therefore, you must select which radio device you wish to
transmit on. Selector switch ➐ should be set to transmit on the
device you have chosen.

• The 3.5 second delay of the intercom system aids two-way radio

conversations, since most users don’t say “over” when their
statements are finished. The 3.5 second delay provides time to
bridge the natural pause that occurs while listeners determine the
incoming speech has ended, before they respond.

Do not make adjustments to CB / FRS radio controls while


If you receive a cell phone call while riding with the FRS or CB radio in
use, the cell phone will mute all Level 1 & 2 communications. How-
ever, if (out of habit) you press the PTT button while talking on the
phone (something you should not do), that portion of your phone
conversation could be transmitted over the FRS or CB radio.


The range afforded with CB or FRS radio will vary depending upon
terrain, weather conditions, outside sources of interference, etc. This is