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Welcome to BMW

The BMW ComSystem has been developed to provide riders of BMW
K 1200 LT models the most advanced sound and communications
management system. The ComSystem acts as the foundation,
allowing owners to utilize privately purchased portable modular
electronic devices suited for the local market such as cell phones, two-
way radios and portable music storage devices.

The ComSystem allows the rider to manage all audio sources as well
as communicate with the passenger and other individuals, whether on
motorcycles, other vehicles, or at home / office. There are many
choices available to riders, so it is important to fully understand how to
manage these choices to bring the highest level of enjoyment to you
and your passenger.

Please read the enclosed manual completely. The manual provides an
overview of the audio & communications system, a detailed explanation
how each interface operates, and provides an understanding of options
/ accessories available to maximize your enjoyment of the system.

If you have any questions, please direct them to your BMW retailer, who
is always available to assist you with advice and support for all of your
motorcycle needs. We wish you pleasant reading of this operation
manual and many enjoyable journeys on your BMW!