Operation of (cb) citizen band radio – Teac K1200 User Manual

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Operation of (CB) Citizen Band Radio

• A CB radio such as the Midland™ 75-830 CB radio kit (BMW PN 99

99 0 000 196) available from your BMW retailer.

• We recommend that the CB radio kit be installed by your BMW


• The BMW CB antenna kit BMW PN 99 00 0 001 050 / 051 mast and

base is required.

• A push-to-talk button is required. A driver and passenger PTT button

kit is available to allow either person to initiate communications on the
CB radio under BMW PN 99 99 0 000 193.

• The CB radio is connected to the ComSystem under the bodywork of

the radio area, so alternative mounting locations will be possible.

• Ensure that the CB radio antenna is balanced to the CB, with as low

a “SWR” measurement as possible. The above mentioned antenna
kit will produce excellent SWR readings near 1.1 when adjusted

• With helmet cables connected and ignition turned on, (the

ComSystem is active), the CB radio is ready to be used. The CB
operates on the same level as the normal intercom and FRS radio
(Level 2). This allows both rider and passenger to monitor either CB,
FRS or both simultaneously.

• With ignition turned “on”, turn the CB radio “on” and adjust to the