Accessory audio warning device or gps – Teac K1200 User Manual

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Accessory Audio Warning Device or GPS

BMW has provided a special connection plug in the wiring harness of
the ComSystem for connection of an Accessory Audio Warning Device
(AAWD) and GPS.

• A GPS system with audio output signal and / or AAWD with audio

output signal.

• See your BMW retailer for details on the BMW Ridefinder GPS system

or AAWD options.

• Mount your AAWD to the motorcycle.
• The BMW Ridefinder GPS is provided with a special mounting

bracket and wiring harness.

• BMW has developed special connection points, providing switched

power, ground and audio signal input for these devices. The
switched power lead becomes active when the ignition system is
turned “on” and inactive when the ignition is switched “off”. This
reduces the likelihood of devices draining the battery when the
motorcycle is not in use.

• Warning devices are Level 4 audio, muting all other forms of

communication only in the RH speaker of the helmet headset.
Therefore, the LH speaker will still play whatever audio is being used,
but the RH speaker will play the warning tone or GPS spoken

• With intercom volume set at your normal level, adjust the volume of

the AAWD to be received at a comfortable level. Use the AAWD