Cellular telephone – Teac K1200 User Manual

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Cellular Telephone

The ComSystem provides an input for cellular phone communication.
Given the increased emphasis / local legislation requiring the use of
cellular phone headsets while driving a car, as well as the proliferation
of phone models and calling plans available, BMW is providing a simple
connection to the ComSystem via the cellular phone headset 2.5 mm
jack found on most phones. If your phone does not have a headset
jack, consult your phone supplier for an accessory headset adapter.

• Using the cellular phone cable 99 99 0 000 202 (standard length) or

99 99 0 000 203 (long), plug the 2.5 mm plug into ➏ on the
ComSystem control surface and the 2.5 mm plug into your cellular
phone headset jack.

• Consult your cellular phone owners manual to set your telephone to

auto-answer. This will allow you to receive calls while riding, without
the need to touch / manipulate the phone to receive a call.

• With intercom volume set at your normal level, adjust the volume of

the phone to be received at a comfortable level. To do this, use the
cellular phone volume control (you need to receive a real call to do
this) before the ride begins.

• Some phones may require the use of an auxiliary antenna to function

properly, particularly those in the higher digital bands. Please consult
your local cellular phone provider and your BMW retailer for antenna
connections to your particular make and model of phone.

• Most phones will operate with greater range if located outside the