Operation of (frs) family channel radio – Teac K1200 User Manual

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Operation of (FRS) Family Channel Radio

• A FRS radio such as the Kenwood FreeTalk™ (BMW PN 99 99 0 000

041) and corresponding adapter cable (BMW PN 99 99 0 000 199)
are required. Several different adapter cables have been developed
for the most popular FRS radios (see page 23). Please consult your
BMW retailer for options prior to purchasing your FRS radio.

• A push-to-talk button is required. A driver and passenger PTT button

kit is available to allow either person to initiate communications on the
FRS radio under BMW PN 99 99 0 000 193.

• We recommend reading the owners manual provided with your FRS

radio to take full advantage of the features and benefits of the radio.

• Connect the FRS radio cable to the radio and the control surface

jack ➍. Turn the FRS radio “on”.

• The best reception will be received if the FRS radio is placed

outside the oddments compartment. We recommend placing the
radio on your belt / riding suit waistband or in the optional tank utility
pouch 71 60 2 342 670.

• With helmet cables connected and ignition turned on, (the

ComSystem is active), the FRS radio is ready to be used. The FRS
operates on the same level as the normal intercom and CB radio
(Level 2). This allows both rider and passenger to monitor either CB,
FRS or both simultaneously.

• With intercom volume set at your normal level, adjust the volume of

the FRS radio to be received at a comfortable level. Use the FRS
radio volume control to do this (you need to receive a real transmis-
sion to do this) before the ride begins.