Rider / passenger intercom – Teac K1200 User Manual

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Rider / Passenger Intercom

The ComSystem intercom is a voice activated system that allows
seamless communication between rider and passenger. The
ComSystem is operational when the motorcycle ignition switch is
turned “on”. The system will not function (nor can you hear music
through the helmet headsets) with the ignition “off” (though the radio
may still work through the fairing speakers).

• The ComSystem will function properly only if the rider and passenger

are wearing helmets fitted with BMW headsets or headsets compat-
ible with the BMW system.

• Set the intercom volume control ➌ to 50% of range to ensure that

audio is not excessively loud when system is turned-on. You may
later adjust the volume to the desired level, turning clockwise to
increase volume. (There is no automatic intercom volume increase
function as with the BMW radio, as the perceived intercom volume
does not change much with speed changes due to wearing a

• Turn “on” the ignition switch, which activates the ComSystem power.
• Adjust the VOX sensitivity knob ➎ to the desired level that will allow

the intercom to activate upon speaking, but not falsely activate from
outside ambient / wind noise. Turn clockwise for greater sensitivity,
counterclockwise for less sensitivity.