Chapter 1 product overview, Surepower charger station charging bays – ZOLL SurePower Rev B Charger Station User Manual

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SurePower Charger Station Charging Bays

9650-0535-01 Rev. B

SurePower Charger Station

Operator’s Guide


Chapter 1

Product Overview

The ZOLL SurePower Charger Station is a four-bay unit that can test, recalibrate, and charge
up to four ZOLL rechargable defibrillator batteries at once. It is a multi-chemistry charger that
works with both ZOLL lithium ion and lead acid batteries.

Figure 1-1

SurePower Charger Station

SurePower Charger Station

Charging Bays

The charging bays in the SurePower Charger Station are designed to accommodate the
following ZOLL rechargable lithium ion battery:

SurePower Battery Pack

and the following ZOLL rechargable lead acid batteries:

Battery Pack PD4410

Smart Ready Battery

Smart Battery

XL Smart Ready Battery

XL Smart Battery